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YouTube’s finally ditching these annoying ads


Ads are a part of our modern internet world. We’ve gotten used to them, but they can still be a bother. YouTube shoves ads down our throats in several ways, but things are going to be slightly better thanks to a new announcement. According to the announcement, YouTube is getting rid of those annoying banner ads.

If you’re not a YouTube premium subscriber, then you’ll need to deal with ads before and during your videos. One of the more annoying ads is the banner that pops up during your video. If you’re watching a video that’s monetized, you’ll see a decently-sized banner appear on the bottom of the screen. It’ll give you the ability to “X out” of it.

YouTube will get rid of the banner ads

The company made a new post on the YouTube Help Forum (via Cord Cutters News) that explains its decision. On April 6th YouTube will be getting rid of the banner ads in order to help improve the viewer experience. The company referred to it as a “legacy ad format”. Basically, it’s an ad format that’s been around for a while and it overstayed its welcome.

Getting rid of these ads does eliminate one avenue of income for creators. However, judging by the wording in the post, it seems that the banner ads are low-performing compared to the other formats. It’s going to shift its focus to higher-performing formats on desktop and mobile.

What the company means by that, we have no idea. Hopefully, it doesn’t mean that we’ll see an uptick in other ads. People have already complained about getting an overdose of ads in the past. Some users would see as many as 10 ads before a video.

In any case, it’s good that the banner ads will be going away next month. If you’re tired of seeing ads altogether, you can always sign up for YouTube premium. You’ll get zero ads, downloads, background playing, and access to new experimental features.

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