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YouTube Music is one step closer to adding podcasts


It’s not exactly a secret that YouTube is planning to add podcasts support to YouTube Music. We knew that since last month, as YouTube announced it. We did not exactly know when will it happen, well, other than “soon”.

YouTube Music comes one step closer to adding podcasts functionality

9to5Google now reports that the necessary support has been added in version 5.48. Just to be clear, I’m talking about the code support, not an actual feature. YouTube is laying down the groundwork.

YouTube is adding the necessary support for creators in its YouTube Studio app. It’s adding functionality for labeling playlists as shows. So, you’ll be able to add podcast episodes to your queue, the same as you do with songs.

In the settings menu, you’ll have the option to “Switch podcast videos to audio-only versions of episodes when available”. There is also the “Don’t play podcast videos” which is equivalent to the “Don’t play music videos”.

Yes, you will be able to see podcasts in the Library app, along with downloaded music. The same goes for the search function, as you’ll, of course, be able to search for podcasts too.

The sleep timer will support multi-hour countdowns

The source also reported that the sleep timer will support multi-hour countdowns, just to get you through longer podcasting shows.

YouTube obviously plans for music and podcasts to live in perfect harmony, together. That’s interesting considering that it was announced that YouTube Music and Google Podcasts won’t merge. Some people would call this move just that.

Well, truth be said, YouTube Music will stay YouTube Music but with an added functionality. The fact YouTube is adding podcasts won’t exactly change much of the app, except it will make podcasts available. Still, some would call this a merger of sorts.

This functionality will first arrive to users in the US, and then trickle down to the rest of the world.

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