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YouTube Music is adding song and album credits


YouTube is constantly adding more features to make it a great platform to use. The company just added a neat feature that you’d usually see on an app like Tidal. According to 9To5Google, YouTube Music will finally show you song and album credits for the music you listen to.

YouTube Music has been making some notable changes to the software lately. Recently, the company updated the playlist/album UI. It declutters the UI a bit so that it’s easier on the eyes.

YouTube Music brings song and album credits

This is rolling out at the moment, so there’s a chance that you won’t see it just yet. When you’re listening to a song, tap on the three-dot menu. Close to the bottom, you’ll see the View song credits button. When you do that, you’ll see a little popup appear. In the popup, you’ll see information like who performed the song, who wrote it, who produced it, and the label that it was released under.

This type of information is important to know. A lot of the time, people confuse the performer of a song with the writer. Sure, you have musical tour de forces such as The BeeGees who wrote all of their own songs.

However, a lot of the time, the person who sings your favorite love ballad didn’t write it. There are songwriters behind the curtain who write some of the best songs we hear today.

Also, there’s a lot more to a song than the singer and songwriter. In order to bring everything together and make sure that everything’s balanced, you’ll need someone to produce it. You need people to mix and master all of the parts to make sure that everything sounds good together.

So, it’s great that YouTube Music is doing this. Now, all of the people who took part in the production of the music will get credit. This goes for both new and old songs. You’ll see it for new songs released today and older songs released back in the older days.

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