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YouTube is working on AI tools for creators, coming in 2023


YouTube is reportedly preparing some AI tools for its creators. These tools might be released in 2023.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing everything, and tech companies are striving to use it as a competitive advantage. After the unveiling of ChatGPT, the AI-driven efforts among Big Tech have been accelerated. Google, whose reign was in danger because of ChatGPT, immediately introduced its experimental conversational AI Bard. The search giant now wants to bring AI into its video-sharing platform YouTube.

Susan Wojcicki has recently left YouTube, and Neal Mohan is now officially behind the company wheels. The new CEO wrote a letter to YouTube communities and employees to highlight the platform’s focus for 2023. Among the promised horizons, Mohan has an emphasis on using AI for creators.

YouTube creators will soon have access to AI tools

Mohan says YouTube is currently offering the biggest creative canvas of any platform. He continues that the AI power is reinventing video, and creators can leverage AI to transform their storytelling and production value.

The new YouTube CEO suggests that creators can use AI to swap outfits to create a fantastical film setting. Mohan also adds that YouTube is currently busy developing such a feature, and new creator tools will be out in the coming months.

Given the copyright issues with AI, YouTube doesn’t want to take the risk and face backlash from artists. The platform has recently introduced a new marketplace for purchasing song licenses, and it might do the same for videos to solve AI copyright infringements.

Neal Mohan also alludes to YouTube’s vision for podcasting. As per the latest news, YouTube Music is adding podcasts to compete with Spotify. YouTube itself is also making it easier for podcasters to share their shows on the platform, thanks to new YouTube Studio tools. Mohan adds that podcasters can upload their shows on YouTube later this year with RSS integration.

Mohan’s vision for the future of YouTube seems promising, and the platform might go through big changes in 2023.

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