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You Can Win Real Cash from a $20,000 Prize Pool in the Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary Event


To mark the occasion, Archosaur Games has dropped an absolutely massive content update, adding a new map, a new storyline, and a whole new class. That means the total number of classes is up to 13.

Based on a series of popular Chinese Fantasy novels, Dragon Raja is one of the ambitious and visually impressive games on mobile, with slick 3D graphics and a huge open world to explore. 

That world has just grown even bigger thanks to the new Cambridge map, which is based on the distinctive gothic architecture of the world famous University of Cambridge. 

Unlike that august institution, however, this fantastical version of Cambridge contains magical haloes and buildings that hover in the air. It’s an ideal environment for a spot of impossible parkour. 

The new map comes with a new storyline, too, starring NPCs from the main campaign. For them as well as you, the world of Dragon Raja has just grown bigger and richer.

Its gameplay has also taken on a new dimension thanks to the introduction of the Shadow Fencer class. 

As you may have guessed from the name, the Shadow Fencer is an assassin-style warrior who moves in the shadows and strikes without mercy, delivering huge amounts of damage at close range and wreaking havoc among your opponents’ formations.

Archosaur Games is also rewarding the Dragon Raja community in a couple of different ways. 

For one thing, it’s showcasing some of the best fan pictures, videos, and other artworks on its Facebook page to celebrate the creative talent of its players. For another, the studio has created a $20,000 prize pool to encourage players to invite friends to get on board.

Plus, there are daily login rewards, special rewards for returning players, and even a limited-time Red Packet Rain event, giving you the chance to win prizes like the highly anticipated Ghost Sugar outfit and the Phantom Lord motor. 

You can read more about the Dragon Raja 3rd Anniversary celebrations on the game’s official website. 

Dragon Raja is available for free on Android, iOS, and PC

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