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You can now control who can join your WhatsApp group chat


When you’re the admin of a WhatsApp group chat, you’ll want to be sure that it’s only full of people you want involved. This can be an issue with bigger group chats. However, WhatsApp now lets you control who can join your group chat.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms right now, and it has a host of useful features. You’re able to set up large group chats to bring people together and collaborate. However, there’s always the threat of unsavory people entering the chat and causing trouble.

So, WhatsApp now lets people control who can join the chat

This is a very welcome update, especially if you’re a frustrated admin who periodically deals with troublesome members. People were able to just pop into a group chat. However, thanks to a blog post from WhatsApp, that’s no longer the case.

When you share a group, people, instead of joining right away, will send a request to join the group. The admin will see a Pending Participants page. There, they will see the accounts of the people who want to join. On that page, you’ll have the ability to either approve or decline them.

This gives you the opportunity to check out the user before they have access to the information in the chat. This is perfect for companies that chat about sensitive information on a group chat.

The new update also brings another feature to help you filter who can join your group. This doesn’t only apply to people asking to join groups. When you search a user’s name, the app will show you all of the groups that you have in common. This is useful because it lets you know if the person you’re searching shares the same interests as you.

The company launched this feature, so chances are that it’s available for you. However, since it’s still a new update and roll-outs vary depending on region, there’s a chance that you won’t see it yet. Keep an eye out for the update.

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