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X’s AI chatbot ‘Grok’ is starting to roll out to users


“Ok buckle up everyone”, the AI race just hit another turn, as X (formerly Twitter), the company is getting ready to launch its own AI chatbot. Notably, Elon Musk purchased a ton of GPUs from Nvidia to train and power its own AI model. Now, X is launching its AI chatbot, named Grok, soon (via Reuters).

With all of the Chatbots that we’ve seen, there have been some odd names. However, Google just launched Gemini, and that’s a fittingly grandioso name seeing that it’s extremely powerful. However, Grok takes the cake as the most eccentric name. In any case, it’s going to be the face of xAI’s endeavors going forward.

X is launching Grok, but not everyone is going to be able to access it

So, this is standard chatbot fare; you’ll be able to access the bot from within the app or on the website. It will sit in the side menu on the website and in both the Android and iOS apps. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve updated your apps. You’ll easily be able to access it from there, but you can also pin it to your bottom bar. This is for quicker access.

Just like other chatbots, Grok has a massive reservoir of data that it was trained on. It uses data from all over the web. It will use this data when it gives you answers to your questions. Along with that information, Grok is able to draw on X posts across the platform. This should allow the chatbot to access up-to-date information. The model powering it, Grok-1, is trained on data up until Q3 2023. That’s still a few months more recent than ChatGPT whose knowledge stops at April 2023.


This is X we’re talking about, so you know that free users are going to be left out in the dust. That’s right, Grok is bypassing free users. It’s a feature only coming to X Premium users, and that’s not all; only people on the highest tier will be able to get it. If you’re an x Premium+ user, then your $16/month will grant you access to this tool.

Grok is rolling out to users over the next week, and the longer you’ve been an X Premium user, the sooner you’ll gain access to the tool.

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