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Xiaomi 13 Ultra Chinese and global launch dates revealed


The launch of a new Huawei product has been formally confirmed today. The Huawei Mate X3 and P60 series mobile phones, which are Huawei’s flagship models this year, will launch in a few days. Nevertheless, Xiaomi hasn’t made any progress with the alleged Xiaomi 13 Ultra in a while. The most recent reports state that the press conference will take place in early or mid-April rather than in March. Given that Xiaomi’s annual festival takes place on April 6, it is a larger event which will also feature a number of extremely low price devices. There are now reports that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra Chinese model will launch at this event. However, do not expect this device to come at a low price.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra upgrades the camera

The camera department of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will remain the main area of upgrade. On the basis of the previous generation, it has taken a step further this time and adopts a quad camera setup. Three IMX858 lenses, spanning an ultra-wide-angle, 3x portrait telephoto, and periscope telephoto lens, are included in addition to the one-inch IMX989 main camera. With these, the device gets full focal length coverage and meets main camera standards.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi allegedly plans to add a variable aperture to the IMX989’s primary camera. This aperture’s impact is far better than the Mate50’s because of the benefit of the one-inch super outsole, which is a physical expansion.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Leica Image will still exist, and new algorithms have been created to improve final imaging performance. The 2nd Gen Snapdragon 8 will continue to be the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s core CPU. Its top-tier performance specs are beyond doubt. The standard 67W rapid charging is anticipated to be replaced with a 90W version.  There is an additional, more surprising modification in addition to these routine updates.

Gizchina News of the week

This time, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will finally move away from the USB 2.0 interface in favour of a higher-standard transmission interface, which is essential for a flagship product for professional photographers. Also, Xiaomi will atone for the mistakes of the previous generation this time around. According to reports, it will launch in May globally. This will allow non-Chinese users to buy this device.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra 90W fast charging head

The Xiaomi 13 series, which comprises the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro, was announced by Xiaomi in December of last year. More info concerning the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is becoming available while we wait for its official release. A few weeks ago, new info about this device’s charger entered the public domain. Recently, the 90W maximum power Xiaomi charger debuted on the Xianyu platform. It can support a maximum output of 20V 4.5A, which is in line with the specs that were previously verified. This charger essentially verifies the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s impending release.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra Render

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will surpass the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The latter can only support 67W fast charging, with this 90W fast charging capability. The 90W fast charging spec can greatly boost the fast charging experience for a super-large flagship.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra – other specs

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will allegedly have a Samsung 2K E6 curved screen, according to rumours. A top chip (SD8 Gen2) and up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage will be used by this device. It’s important to note that this is also the only Xiaomi 13-series device that supports up to 16GB of big memory. The huge 1-inch video module from the previous Xiaomi 12S Ultra will continue to be merged into the overall aesthetic design of the back camera module.

This gadget will have a fully updated 50MP sensor for the camera. Moreover, a 120x periscope telephoto lens will be used (built-in OIS Optical image stabilization). These specifications make the camera performance something to look forward to. The gadget will also feature a new colour scheme and keep using simple leather material.

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