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WhatsApp View Once Feature Rolls Out for Voice Messages


WhatsApp is introducing a brand-new feature that will make the messaging app a little more private than it already is. Called WhatsApp View Once, this feature will enable you to create voice messages that the recipient on the other end can only listen to once.

The company announced the WhatsApp View Once feature back in 2021. Through that update, the messaging app allowed the users to send messages, photos, and videos that can only be viewed once. Now, the company has made the same feature available for voice messages.

More About WhatsApp View Once Feature for Voice Messages

When you send WhatsApp View Once for voice messages, it will have a clear marking. The “one-time” icon that pops up with the messages will inform the recipient that they can only listen to the voice messages once.

As for how to send disappearing voice messages on WhatsApp, the process is pretty simple. First, you would need to open the tab for the group chat or individual you want to send the disappearing voice message. Then, tap on the microphone and swip up to get the recording in locked mode. Tap and hold to record your voice, and tap the View Once icon, which will make the icon green.

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When you finish the recording part, all you need to do is tap the send button. That’s pretty much it when it comes to how to send View Once voice messages on WhatsApp. Now, even though this feature is meant to offer high privacy, it doesn’t mean the messages can’t be listened to more than once.

For example, Android’s native screen recorder tool can capture the audio of the WhatsApp View Once voice messages. This would eventually allow the recipient to listen to the recording more than once or share it with others.

That said, don’t worry if you aren’t seeing the feature yet on your WhatsApp. The company said it will be rolling out globally in the coming days.

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