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WhatsApp may soon let you forward messages to channels


WhatsApp might be getting an update soon that will let you forward messages to channels. WhatsApp’s introduction of channels this year had a rocky start. Many basic features were missing at launch, leading many to not bother with the new addition. The platform has been working to catch up ever since; introducing new channel features like message editing every few months. Now, WABetaInfo claims a new feature is in development to let you forward messages to channels on WhatsApp.

Channels allow one-to-many communication

WhatsApp introduced Channels after rival apps like Telegram had had them for years. These channels are basically like groups where only the admin of the group can send messages. WhatsApp Channels have many uses, including following celebrities or news about topics of interest. People who have a significant following can keep their followers updated conveniently and easily. Furthermore, organizations covering certain news can broadcast headlines to thousands of people within seconds.

This form of communication also serves the purpose of providing a space for important messages only. By limiting who can send messages, channels can act as more refined group chats. An example of what channels can be used for is class groups in college. Instead of every member piping in with their takes on every update, the channel remains clear and full of only what’s important. Students perusing the channel will not have to scroll through unhelpful messages to find what they need to know.

Forwarding messages to channels

WABetaInfo discovered a new feature under development in the WhatsApp beta version for Android. According to their findings, an option to forward a message to a channel can be seen. These messages can be anything from text messages and voice notes to stickers, images, and videos. This means that, going forward, managing channels on WhatsApp could become a whole lot easier for channel admins.

Being able to share messages from other chats, including group chats and private chats, to a channel saves a ton of time. Also, this would mean people who own or manage multiple channels will also find it much easier to do so in the future. Though this feature is still in beta, we can expect it to roll out globally pretty soon given its usefulness and simple nature.

It took WhatsApp a while, but it seems Meta has finally gone all in trying to improve the platform. It’s great to see the messaging giant getting new features every few weeks instead of stagnating. At this pace, even diehard Telegram loyalists will eventually start considering WhatsApp for the convenience it provides.

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