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WhatsApp is working on an Expiring Groups feature


Avid WhatsApp users often wrack up on multiple group chats. Usually, most of them wind up only being temporary conversations. They can clutter up your feed, so the company has a solution for this. WhatsApp is working on an Expiring Groups feature, according to WABInfo.

WhatsApp is always releasing new changes to help make the experience better. Recently, an update reached the app’s beta that automatically silences calls from unknown numbers. This could greatly reduce the impact of spam callers and scams.

WhatsApp is working on an Expiring Groups feature

This feature was spotted in version of the iOS app. It’s the Test Flight build of the app. The update brought some bug fixes along with the new feature.

When you go into the settings for a specific group, you’ll see the Expiring Groups option. Tapping on it, you’ll see several options for when you want that group to expire. You can choose between one day, one week, and a custom date. There’s also the option to remove the expiration.

From the looks of the feature, it doesn’t seem like the app will automatically delete the group chats when the expiration comes. Rather, it will remind you to delete the group on the date. This is in case you have a change of heart down the road.

This will be a nice feature to have if you’re starting a group chat that you know will end. Maybe you’re working on a short-term project that you need to collaborate with some people for. If you’re only going to chat with those people for a few weeks, there’s no need to keep it around after the project is done.

At this point, this feature is still in testing on iOS. We didn’t hear anything about the feature for Android, but we’ll, hopefully, see something on it. We’re not sure when this feature will hit the public, just yet.

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