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What’s Hot in Apple iOS 17? Find Out Here!


Apple continues to add updates to iOS 16 even though it is working on Apple iOS 17. You may have received the 16.4 updates recently. Apple is trying to sail on two boats at once, and it won’t be easy for the company. That is not the point; what’s worth it is that we will finally have a new operating system for future iPhones and older ones, too.

The new update will overwrite everything in the last update and will come with notable changes. For instance, there are improvements to the OS and changes to first-party apps. In contrast, Google has already equipped itself with Android 14 for a faceoff.

Apple iOS 17 is expected to launch with the iPhone 15 later this year in September, with the announcement likely to be made at WWDC in June. The latest leaks show remarkable details about the next operating system. This guide covers everything you need to know about iOS 17, including the release date, features, and more.

Apple iOS Release Date:

We can expect the iOS 17 release date somewhere in September. Most likely, the operating system will accompany the iPhone 15 series. Apple is eyeing the WWDC platform to announce its flagship products, while details are still unknown.

In the coming weeks, we can expect an official date regarding WWDC and the next OS update. After WWDC, Apple will release two beta versions, such as a public build and a developer preview. Notably, the public build will be available for normal use after two months of its announcement.

Top Secret Features To Expect In Apple iOS 17:

Traditionally, Apple doesn’t make a big addition to its OS updates. The same is the case with the upcoming iOS 17 update. We won’t see any notable additions, but there will still be minor updates such as a home screen or lock screen upgrade and more.

Apple has been quietly working on its AR/VR headset, so it’s obvious that Apple has shifted its attention. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that there might be limited features this time. In short, we can expect fewer new features. However, future updates might be beneficial. For now, you can expect the following features in Apple iOS 17

Super Siri:

As we all know, ChatGPT can do anything and everything. Therefore, its hangover is not going to end anytime soon. Recent reports suggest that Google and Microsoft are already using self-learning technology. Apple is way behind in this race, but it’s never too late to come up with innovative ideas.

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Super Siri

Apple was the first company to introduce voice control to its smartphones. Now AI technology is taking the world by storm, and it’s time for Apple to play with it and develop something great. I’m excited to see the GPT-powered chatbot paired with Siri in the next Apple iOS 17 update.

Improved Notifications:

Improved notifications

Every iOS update comes with this standard notification improvement, though most of us ignore it. For years, Apple has been tweaking iOS notifications because they still need much improvement. For example, quick replies, actionable notifications, and limited notification bundling are still missing. When it comes to notifications, Apple doesn’t make significant improvements every year, preferring to keep things mostly the same.

RCS Support:

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is getting a lot of attention, especially on Android phones. RCS support in the upcoming Apple iOS 17 will turn basic SMS messengers into modern messenger apps like Facebook or iMessage. It is not necessarily something that Apple will look into, but it will be a better approach for the company to move along with modern technology.

iOS 17 RCS support

The old basic SMS messenger doesn’t allow certain features such as typing, sending larger files, getting read receipts, and more. Besides, Apple should look into this technology as it is emerging. It is even more lucrative than other messaging applications.

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