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Whatever you do, don’t leave the Diablo IV beta queue


The Diablo IV beta has a queue, and it might be kind of borked. While there didn’t seem to be much of a wait if you were to log in when the beta went live at 9am PST on March 17, that wasn’t the case a little bit later.

Queue times began at a paltry 2 minutes and ballooned to a whopping 101 minutes a short while into the beta’s start time. As players are no doubt pouring in to try out Blizzard’s latest entry in the long-running action RPG series. A tweet from Diablo’s Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher warns players not to leave the queue. And with good reason. Because as it turns out, it’ll spike your queue time up by a whole heck of a lot.

The wait times are still long too, even two and a half hours the beta went live. Even worse, if you exit the queue at any point, or log out of the game, your queue time resets. This goes for anyone who has an internet connection issue as well.

The Diablo IV beta queue should settle down later in the day

The queue times may be long now, but it probably won’t be this way throughout the remainder of the beta weekend. As more and more players get in, there will be less of a wait. People will get their fill and move onto doing something else for a little while. Or they may end up having other obligations that will cause them to have to shut the game down.

Basically, if you can’t or won’t deal with a wait right now, try coming back later to see if things settle. Remember the early access beta goes all weekend, and then there’s an open beta next weekend too. So there’s tons of chances to play. But whatever you do, don’t leave the queue if you’re already in it and you have the time wait. Stick it out, and you will be rewarded with a fun game experience.

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