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Volkswagen launched a super cheap electric car


Volkswagen, the German automaker, has recently revealed a concept of its upcoming electric entry level vehicle, the ID.2. It is being marketed as an affordable electric car. Boasting a sleek and stylish design that is similar in size to the current Polo. While the official price has not yet been official, the company has stated that it will be around 25,000 euros. Making it one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

The ID.2 will hit the market in 2025, but the concept gives us a clear idea of what to expect from the new electric compact car. In terms of aesthetics, the vehicle takes on the dimensions of the current Polo. But with a higher wheelbase that is closer to that of the Golf. This design allows for a spacious and comfortable interior that is optimized to take advantage of the space saving features offered by electric platforms. Although the vehicle’s style is quite discreet, it is all purpose and functional. With a few nods to the first generation of Golf.

Volkswagen introduced a super cheap electric car to rival Tesla

The ID.2 will be built on the MEB Entry platform, a lightened and shortened version of the current development base. This platform will also benefit all future city cars within the Volkswagen Group, including Skoda and Seat. The ID.2’s front wheel drive configuration will help to optimize the space available in the vehicle. Making it particularly spacious for a compact car. The trunk space will be big, with the brand boasting 440 L of usable space. Along with an additional 50 L, thanks to a hatch located under the bench seat. Which can be in use for storing charging cables.

In terms of interior features, the ID.2 will be equipped with a dual screen system that includes a large 12.9-inch display in the center of the dashboard and a 10.9 inch screen behind the steering wheel. This system is a significant upgrade from previous Volkswagen models and suggests that the company is committed to addressing criticisms of its latest productions. The brand has also provided a preview of its future operating system. Indicating that Volkswagen is keeping up with technological advancements in the industry.

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 Volkswagen ID. 2all electric technical specs

One of the most impressive features of the ID.2 is its technical capabilities. The vehicle has a 166 kW (226 hp) engine block and a battery that can offer up to 450 km of autonomy. This relatively large radius of action for a compact car is accompanied by a recharging capacity that allows for a “full” charge of 10 to 80% in about 20 minutes. While these specifications are for the high-end version of the ID.2. The most affordable version may come with a smaller battery and less interior equipment.

Overall, the ID.2 concept gives hope to those looking to switch to an electric car without paying too much. Volkswagen has long been popular for affordable cars that are accessible to everyone. And the ID.2 looks set to continue this tradition. Despite the expected price tag of around 25,000 euros, the vehicle is not lacking in terms of design, technical features, or interior equipment. With a spacious and comfortable interior, excellent technical capabilities, and a commitment to technological advancements, the ID.2 is a promising addition to the Volkswagen lineup and an exciting prospect for electric car enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the future of electric cars looks bright, as the technology continues to improve, production costs decrease, and charging infrastructure expands. As a result, we can expect to see more electric cars on the road in the coming years. Leading to a significant reduction in carbon emissions and a cleaner, greener future.

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