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Victory Belles is a deep WWII strategy game with a naval waifu twist, out now on Mobile


There are tons of games set during the Second World War, from deadly serious strategy titles like Company of Heroes to insane action romps like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

But we’ve never played a WWII game quite like Victory Belles.

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Developed by Black Chicken Studios, Victory Belles is an audacious mobile RPG that gives you two vital goals to pursue.

Number one: win the war. Number two: impress more than 160 Belles.

That’s a big ask, but it gets worse. This isn’t just any WWII we’re talking about, but an alternative reality version where the world has come under attack from a mysterious force of evil shipgirls called Morganas.

Things are looking bleak for humanity until an opposing army of shipgirls joins the fray. These are the Belles, and they promise not only resistance against the Morgana invasion, but also romance.

Gameplay-wise, Victory Belles sees you engaging in huge naval battles and building up your army. Despite the game’s playful exterior, it has a core of steel in terms of its strategic depth and military authenticity.

There are hundreds of different guns, torpedoes, and other pieces of hardware to research, build, and deploy on the battlefield, plus battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines, and more – all taken straight from real military history.

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From weapons to warships, the game taps the armories of the USA, the UK, Germany, Japan, the USSR, France and Italy – and there’s more to come over the coming months.

As the war progresses you’ll gradually gain access to more advanced tech through a process of research and refinement, ensuring that your Belles are always kitted out with the deadliest possible gear.

Victory Belles also boasts some seriously impressive simulation tools, allowing you to experiment with ballistics, armor penetration, fire control precision, and pretty much every aspect of the weapons in your arsenal.

Battles, meanwhile, are modeled on a huge amount of data, meaning that their outcomes are always a fair reflection of the winner’s tactical and military superiority.

You can command up to 28 ships at a time, all of them customizable with a huge variety of upgradeable weapons.

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Over the course of the game’s 80+ campaigns you’ll change the course of (alternative) history by winning battles, researching new technologies, and more, all on behalf of the Allies, the Axis, or the Comintern.

All the while Victory Belles sticks closely to the course of the Second World War, tracking its progress in real time to ground your experience in the real history of the conflict. And weekly player choices direct the overall course of events. We know our history, but the captains of the game can move it.

Sounds pretty serious, right?

It is. But Victory Belles also has a playful side, and you’ll spend a good portion of your time with the game getting to know your collection of up to 160 waifu Belles and exploring their personalities through hundreds of stories spanning more than two million words.

Not only can you level-up your Belles to increase their military effectiveness, but you can fall in love with them too.

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And there’s much more to come. Black Chicken Studios has a ton of future campaigns, missions, and storylines locked and loaded, so you can look forward to playing new content every month.

So far, Victory Belles is shaping up to be a unique mobile RPG that manages to be both challenging and accessible, blending historical accuracy with high fantasy to brilliant effect.

You can check the game out for yourself right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can also keep up to date with the latest Victory Belles news on their official website and Twitter page.

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