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Valve puts the Steam Deck on sale to celebrate its 1st birthday


The Steam Deck is going on sale for the first time ever since its release last year. If you weren’t aware, the Steam Deck turns 1 year old today. So to celebrate a well-deserved accomplishment, Valve is dropping the price of the Steam Deck and putting it on sale for 10% off.

Now you’re not saving hundreds of dollars here. But the Steam Deck is certainly worth it without any sort of discount. So any drop in price at all is an even better value. The Steam Deck is capable of a whole lot for a handheld computer. Whether that’s playing local games from your Steam library or installing Windows so you can play certain games that aren’t officially supported on the device. Such as Destiny 2, Blizzard’s games like Diablo IV, and many others.

You could even use it as a retro console machine for classic games. And, while we won’t be telling anyone how to do it, you could even use the Steam Deck to play Nintendo Switch games. The world is your oyster so to speak.

The Steam Deck sale is for a limited time only

As with many sales, the discounted Steam Deck prices won’t be around forever. Valve is only keeping the Deck at its discounted price through the end of the Steam Spring sale. That ends on March 23 at 10am PST, which means you have one whole week to grab the Deck at a lower price. If you don’t already have one. The best part, aside from paying less money of course, is that you no longer need a reservation to buy a Steam Deck.

If you purchase one now, you can expect it to ship in 1 – 2 weeks according to Valve. That’s a pretty quick turnaround compared to the months and months of waiting required during the reservation period. If you’re thinking about getting a Steam Deck, you can grab one from on the official Steam Deck buy page.

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