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Twitter will offer free verification to the top 10,000 organizations


Twitter’s verification program has been a hot topic of discussion lately, especially since Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, announced that the company would be phasing out the legacy verification for all users. However, it looks like Twitter has revised its plans, as the company will now provide free verification to the top 500 advertisers and the top 10,000 organizations.

This move comes as Twitter prepares to discontinue its legacy verification program and launch a new program called Twitter Verification for Organizations. Under this new program, verified companies will have to pay $1,000 per month to maintain their verification status and identify specific accounts as “affiliated.” Moreover, Twitter will also charge $50 for each affiliated account.

“We’ve already seen organizations, including sports teams, news organizations, financial firms, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits join Verified Organizations and list their affiliated accounts publicly on their profiles. And starting today, Verified Organizations are available globally. “We are now sending email invitations to approved organizations from the waitlist,” says Twitter.

Improving relations with advertisers

The move is a welcome one for advertisers, as it could help repair strained relationships with Twitter. The platform’s revenue has declined since Musk became CEO, with over 500 advertisers leaving the platform in response to his changes. Therefore, a $1,000 monthly fee could have been the final straw for many advertisers, but if Twitter verifies for free, they won’t have to make that decision.

While Twitter’s decision to charge organizations and businesses for the verification checkmark may offer a new revenue stream to the struggling platform, smaller companies and startups may find it difficult to pay the $1,000 per month fee.

As a result, many businesses and owners have expressed their criticism including, William LeGate, the co-founder of Pillow Fight, who believes the charge is “outlandish” and “meaningless,” as the blue checkmark didn’t even offer significant boosts in engagement.

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