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Twitter shows you how many people bookmarked your tweets


So, while Twitter is weathering Hurricane Elon, it’s still able to bring changes to the user experience. The company is rolling out a change that will add another metric to your tweets that you can see. Twitter will let you see how many people have bookmarked your tweets.

Not too long ago, Twitter brought the update that lets people see how many views their tweets get. Technically, this information was always available to the public. When you’re viewing your tweet, you’re able to tap on the View Tweet Activity button. This would show you a bunch of information about that tweet.

Twitter will let you see how many people bookmarked your tweets

Sometimes, people want to preserve a tweet to access at a later time. In order to do that, people would typically just retweet it and go to their profile later. Twitter solved this issue by letting people bookmark tweets. This would save the tweet to a list that you can come back to later.

So, if someone bookmarks your tweet, it means that they like it so much that they want to see it multiple times. It’s the ultimate form of flattery. Wouldn’t you want to know how many people bookmarked your tweets?

Apparently, Twitter thinks that you do. The company rolled out a feature that will show you how many times your tweets were bookmarked. At the moment, the company only rolled this out on iOS. The company announced this via a tweet, but it didn’t say when it will make its way over to Android.

If someone bookmarks your tweet, the app won’t tell you who did it. It will just show up as a number under the other metrics on your tweet. If you’re interested in seeing how many people are bookmarking your tweets, make sure that the Twitter app on your phone is up-to-date.

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