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Tinder decided to mix things up, app redesign is here


Tinder has redesigned the user profile page interface and is adding new features to help people grab a date that shares a lot in common with them. This redesign aims to simplify the Swipe feature that the app is popular among users and netizens alike. With this update, it’s clear that Tinder understands that dating goes beyond just looks and delves deep into other aspects of a person.

So instead of just having your profile picture up there for others to see, users can now add other details about themselves. The redesign known as “Rizz-first” is just one of the new suite of features that the platform is now rolling out to its users worldwide. Another redesigned element that most users must have been waiting for is dark mode, which will be the go-to choice for many users.

This redesign brings “enhanced and updated animations, and a new (and iconic!) “It’s a Match!” screen.” These changes will come in handy to help users step up their experience while searching for a date on the platform. Users’ profiles also get four new features aside from the redesigns to the app’s interface.

Tinder actually made quite a few changes as part of this app redesign

If you use the Tinder app, you are in line to get the update that will bring these features to your device. The platform has also come out to explain all four new profile features and the two redesign elements users will get. With these new features, users can spice up their profile and show off their personality to connect with those who share similar values with them.

The first feature on the list is the “Profile Prompts” feature and it aims to help users unleash their personality. Using this feature, users can add something they like to their profile. This will then serve as a potential conversation starter, helping them get off on the right foot with others on the platform.

The next feature is the “Profile Quiz” and with this, Tinder aims to show off various user’s preferences. The responses to the questions in this quiz can be shared and others can get to see the users’ take on certain topics. This can also spark up a conversation between two people who share similar preferences or ideas on a particular topic.

Basic Info Tags encourage users to share actual details or information about themselves. These can include their hubbies and other things, but users should be sure not to share too much. Those with similar hobbies can then connect with them to get to know each other better.

Enhanced Reports is the last feature and it’s a safety feature that helps users to report other profiles. All these features in addition to the new redesign can help step up the experience on the app and make online dating fun.

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