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This app allows you to design your own Android keyboard


If you’ve never quite found the keyboard that you like, from a functionality standpoint, this app may help. This app basically allows you to design your own Android keyboard, and it’s called ‘Keyboard Designer’.

You can design your very own keyboard via this app, and much more than that

Now, this app is not all about the looks, it’s about the functionality too. In fact, that’s the bigger part of it. You can literally move around the keys as you please, and even assign specific tasks to specific keys.

Let me give you a couple of examples. You can set an action to launch when you swipe up over the space bar, or long press any button on the keyboard. You can also move the letter ‘a’, or whatever other letter, next to the space bar, if that’s what you wish. This is just a wild example, but this app does allow you to do pretty much anything.

It even allows you to increase the size of specific keys

Yes, you can also increase the size of some keys, to make them easier to press, and so on. The end product can look truly wild, if that’s what you wish. There are also various third-party designs that you can check out, as they’re available from within the app.

There are a ton of additional options that you can tap into. It would take an age to list them all, so if you’re interested, installing the app, and checking it out would be best.

This is an ideal solution if you’re tired of your current keyboard. You can truly spice things up. We’ve seen plenty of apps that offer different designs, and some that offer entirely different functionality, but never the app that allows you to create your own keyboard from scratch. Oh, and on top of that, customize it with various added functionality.

A link to its Google Play Store listing is included below, along with some official images.

Keyboard Designer (Google Play Store)

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