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The Waze map app now displays EV charging stations


Finding EV charging stations is sometimes a bit of a hassle, but the Waze map app is here to save the day. A recent update to this app is adding charging stations to aid users to find the nearest place to charge up if there is a need. Electric vehicle owners will find this new feature on the navigation app quite helpful.

With most regions switching from fuel-driven cars to electric options, there is a need to fit into the entire EV process. This involves understanding the driving range on a full charge and pinpointing charging stations around you. Getting familiar with charging stations in your locality might not be hard, but how about other locations?

It’d be nerve-racking to find all the charging stations in the region you live all by yourself. But having an app that could direct you to nearby charging stations would be great. Waze is now making the search for a charging station while driving less stressful.

Easily locate EV charging stations with the Waze map app

A recent update to the Waze map app brings EV charging stations to the navigation platform. While driving your EV in an area you aren’t familiar with, just pull up your Waze map app and spot the nearest charging station. This will save you the stress of asking for directions and also get you to the station just in time before your EV’s battery runs out.

Since most regions are still gradually adapting to EVs, there might be lots of changes to the location of charging stations. This poses a challenge to locating a charging station on most maps. Waze, for its part, provided a solution to this problem, hence making its new update more reliable for EV owners.

To accurately pinpoint an EV charging station, Waze will rely on local Map Editors from its community. All location data fed to the maps’ platform is constantly reviewed to keep it up to date. So the map will constantly be updated once a new station is set up or taken down in various locations.

Regardless of the route you take, Waze will inform you about nearby charging stations if there are any. This is an impressive feature and will prove helpful to EV owners around the world. Over the coming weeks, the Waze map app update with this feature will roll out to one region after another.

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