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The rise of mobile gaming apps in India


The mobile gaming market is now a hundred billion dollar industry. The Business Research Company reports that last year, the industry has reached a whopping value of $118.34 billion and it’s expected to peak at $138.63 billion by the end of this year with a CAGR of 17.1%.

Some of the key markets for the mobile gaming segment are China, Japan, US, South Korea, and Canada. However, India is also advancing quickly and now has a burgeoning local mobile gaming market.

So what does the local mobile gaming scene in India look like? We’ll be taking a deeper look at the latest numbers, current treads, and what’s ahead for the industry.

India’s Mobile Gaming Industry in Numbers

Indians are fond of playing mobile games including real money games and placing sports opportunities on sites and apps like 10CRIC. Not surprising since the country loves following sports, especially cricket. Check 10CRIC app for the best odds out there.

As with the rest of the world, the mobile gaming sector in India is expected to grow this year. Revenues are projected to reach around $1.5 million and the CAGR from this year to 2027 is 7.28%.

By 2027, the number of mobile gamers in the country is estimated to grow up to 239 million. Growth in users is at 13.8% this year and it’s projected to hit 16.3% by 2027.

India is the second country with the largest number of mobile users with over 1.5 billion phone numbers. It’s right behind China with over 1.6 billion phone numbers.

As of 2022, an estimate of 840 million of these mobile users are online, and that’s 60% of the country’s population.

When it comes to which Indian states play mobile games the most, these are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Why Mobile Gaming is More Than Thriving in India

The pandemic was clearly a key driver of the sector’s significant growth over the last few years. Aside from that is the rollout of 5G connection in the country. Last year was a big year for telcos to finally have 5G services available.

Telcos successfully reached their targets for the rollout, but they’re not done yet and the government is also making efforts on enhancing the adoption of 5G in key various segments.

With that, we can expect more people will be willing to go online with their mobile devices. This is surely good for other mobile internet-reliant industries like mobile gaming and online gambling.
Besides faster mobile data, the affordability of smartphones also plays a role in the growth of mobile users. There are now affordable mobile devices that won’t break the bank or are simply more accessible to more people.

There are now mobile games too that are more relatable to the locals. Online casino apps like 10CRIC now offer traditional Indian games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Satta Matka.

It’s not a secret that Indians love playing real money games. Gambling is part of India’s culture and even before the online version of these traditional games, Indians play them a lot, especially during important occasions like the Diwali.

Mobile Gaming Trends

When it comes to trends, many Indian players seem to love playing ludo dice, snakes and ladders, carrom, fruit darts and block puzzles. It does show that the country isn’t too keen on AAA games just yet, and that’s all because the popular games are more accessible with mobile devices.

Online casino and sports betting is also significantly rising, and it is to the point that some states have already imposed a ban on mobile gaming activities like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also actively pursuing a blanket ban on online gambling. These local governments have concerns about the risks that come with online gaming and gambling.

There are reports of increase in suicide rates because of online gaming-related activities. Families are also impacted because of members who are showing signs of addiction in online gambling.

Wrapping Up

While the rise of online gaming activities can be seen as something great for the Indian economy, without proper regulations, it could negatively impact consumers. For now, we can only wait and see whether more states will be regulating or imposing a ban on said activities.

For the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the ordinances they’re pushing for to ban certain online gaming activities might be heard later this month.

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