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The Play Store Material You theming might soon roll out to users


According to available reports, the Play Store Material You theming might be rolling out soon. This will sync the app’s color scheme to the colors present in your device’s wallpaper. Already, the Material You theming feature is available with most Google apps on Android.

For some reason, certain Google apps haven’t gotten Dynamuc Color. Such apps still make use of their default app themes, hence ignoring the device’s general theme. Other apps like the Play Store make use of the Material You theme in certain aspects of their design.

The design of such apps is not unified with different elements featuring different colours. This needs to be fixed by the design team at Google to help unify the look of these apps. A fix to this issue which involves a total integration of the Material You theming might be on the way.

Material You theming might be making its way to all areas of the Google Play Store

Google introduced Material You design features to the Play Store app two years ago. This introduction brought a new design, affecting the icons and overall layout. But the theming feature didn’t become available to the entire app, as some elements didn’t get this feature.

The theming feature only became available on the app’s home screen, navigation, and search buttons. Other design elements in the app settings and account section stuck to the old green Play Store theme. This disparity breaks the overall design of the Play Store app, and Google is working on a fix for this issue.

There are a lot of changes that are coming to the Play Store app, which will become available in the coming months. Part of these changes will be the integration of Material You theming to all areas of the app. This change will enable the app to use your wallpaper theme across every aspect of its design.

At the moment, these changes have not rolled out to the public. Sources also point out that other improvements will roll out along with the Material You theming upgrade.

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