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The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 TWS Features Hybrid Drivers


No, This Has Little To Nothing To Do With Prius Owners

The Lypertek PurePlay Z7 TWS headsets might sound like they should cost more than the Z5 model but they sport a similar price, sometimes even retailing for less.   The Z7 is slightly older and does not feature active noise cancellation, instead it has hybrid drivers to provide higher quality audio.  The earbuds have both a dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers and TechPowerUp were quite satisfied with the implementation.  The audio was well balanced, which is not an easy feat with a half dozen drivers to work with.

They found the audio to be better on the PurePlay Z7 TWS than the newer Z5, which suggests that these products are aimed at two different audiences.  If active noise cancellation is the goal then the Z5 are the way to go; those desiring enhanced audio should go with the Z7.  There are some limits to what a headset that costs under $100 can do, and the Z7 pretty much does all it can at that price point.

The Bluetooth 5.2 earbuds support AAC, SBC, aptX, and aptX Adaptive and will keep you entertained for about 10 hours of music, jumping to 80 hours if you bring the case. Get a better look at the package and optional software in the full review.

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