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The FTC is intensifying its investigations into Elon Musk’s Twitter control


Recent activities involving Elon Musk’s Twitter control are attracting attention from certain governmental bodies. The billionaire has constantly been in the spotlight since his Twitter purchase. He took over control of the social media company in October last year, assuming the CEO role at the firm.

Ever since this takeover, Elon Musk has made certain controversial decisions regarding Twitter affairs. One major decision was the lay-off of a lot of workers at the social media company in a bid to cut costs. This shook the internet and drew the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC works to prevent unfair business practices, and they launched an investigation into Twitter’s affairs. These investigations are a result of how Elon Musk wields his control of Twitter, affecting the platform’s users and workers. In recent times, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations seem to be intensifying.

Details on the FTC investigation into Elon Musk’s Twitter control

The intensified investigations by the FTC into Elon Musk’s Twitter control bring to light certain issues. Over the past few months, these issues have made headlines across the internet. As mentioned earlier, one of these issues is the massive lay-off of Twitter staff by Elon Musk after his takeover.

Other issues include the revamping of the Twitter Blue subscription service and the Twitter Files case. Twitter Blue service got a troubling makeover after Elon Musk took over control of the social media company. This makeover brought a new Blue subscription plan, a checkmark, and the removal of certain account security features for those who don’t subscribe.

In recent times, there has been a lot of fuss about a set of internal Twitter documents that became available to the public. This document, also known as Twitter Files, brought to light certain major decisions the social media come has made in recent times. But, there has been some division concerning the Twitter Files, as some parties claim that the documents are incomplete.

These issues, along with the failure to meet up certain privacy and information security agreements, are prompting the FTC to intensify its investigations. Under Elon Musk’s control, Twitter seems to be a prime target for the FTC’s attention. Musk, along with other individuals within the government, has kicked against this investigation. But the FTC seems to have taken a strong stand on these issues and is working hard to get to its bottom.

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