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The first detail about Android 15 has already been leaked!


Android, the popular operating system for mobile devices, has a long standing tradition of naming its different versions by sweet names. However, in recent years, the company has shifted away from this tradition and has opted for simpler numerical names instead. Despite this change, Google has continued to use sweet related code names internally for each release.

We already know a detail about the Android 15

For instance, Android 11 was internally referred to as Red Velvet Cake, and Android 12 was called Snow Cone. However, with Android 13, the company decided to break away from the sweet-themed code names. And instead went for something different. The operating system was referred to internally as a “Swing,” which is depicted in the statue that Google dedicated to the current version of the operating system.

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However, Google seems to be returning to its sweet roots with Android 14. Which is being referred to internally as Upside Down Cake, or Android U. The first developer preview for Android 14 was official in February 2023. Revealing the sweet code name for the upcoming operating system.

Now, there are reports that Android 15’s code name will be Vanilla Ice Cream, or Android V. According to Mishaal Rahman, a reputable source in the Android community, some developers have found traces of this code name within the operating system’s code.

It’s worth noting that the code names for each Android release are typically for internal use only. And aren’t in use for advertising or marketing purposes. Nevertheless, the fact that we already know the code name for Android 15 is interesting. As it suggests that Google is already planning ahead for the next release.

In conclusion, Google’s decision to revert to sweet themed code names for its upcoming Android releases is sure to excite Android enthusiasts around the world. And while the code names may be for internal use only, they give users a glimpse into the creative process behind the development of one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world.

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