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Telegram introduced a new power-saving mode


Using a messaging platform doesn’t seem like it’d typically require a lot of battery and horsepower to operate. You’d be surprised, and one of the most popular messaging platforms is looking to address this. Telegram introduced a new power-saving mode.

All apps could stand to be more power-efficient. Telegram isn’t quite Genshin Impact, so it’s hard to believe that it’d need to cut back on its performance. However, most apps use more battery than you think. Telegram is a fully-featured messaging platform, so there’s definitely more going on under the hood than most people think.

Telegram brings new power-saving mode

The company announced this new mode via a blog post, and it will limit some of the app’s functionality in order to maintain performance. There are several areas in the Telegram app that could be toned down for the sake of savings.

Mainly, the app is going to cut down on animations. Telegram is full of animations that make the experience much prettier. However, they’re not exactly necessary. There are animations for emoji reactions, stickers, messages, etc.

The power-saving mode will disable these animations. Also, the mode will stop videos from auto-playing. If you see a video in the chat, you’ll need to tap on it for it to play.

While devices like the Galaxy S23 Ultra or Pixel 7 Pro won’t have trouble with Telegram, this mode is made for older and lower-powered phones. Phones with older batteries lose capacity much quicker. Also, their processors are just not able to keep up with all of the animations.

So, this will definitely benefit cheaper Android phones more than iPhones. However, this mode is still compatible with iPhones.

You have control over how this operates. For starters, you can set what battery percentage you want the mode to activate. There’s also the option to have it on all the time. There are also several toggles that you can switch. Say, if you want the mode to disable certain animations and leave others, you can. This mode is rolling out now, so chances are that it’s already available for you.

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