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Target drive-up return lets shoppers return items without leaving their vehicles


The new Target drive-up return feature on the company’s website and mobile app will come in handy for lots of users. This new feature will be similar to the curbside pickup that has been in use for some time. With this new feature, shoppers won’t need to step into a Target store before they can return an item they purchased.

You must have bought an item from a store and later needed to return it for certain reasons. To return such items, you’d need to go into the store with your purchase receipt and speak with a worker. The item will then be evaluated by the store worker to see if it is liable for returns.

Target plans to simplify this process and make it more convenient for shoppers. To achieve this, Target is launching its drive-up return feature that will be available on its website. This article will highlight everything you need to know about this new feature.

Everything you need to know about the Target drive-up return feature

With the new Target drive-up return feature, shoppers can return items without stepping into the store. Now, shoppers simply need to set up a return via the Target official website before heading to the store. Once at the store where the items were purchased, the shopper will then wait for workers to attend to them.

Shoppers simply inform the Target workers about the curbside spot they are parked. The workers will then proceed to the shopper’s car and evaluate the items for return. Once the return is approved, the worker will take the items back into the store.

This process is convenient for shoppers as they do not need to step into the store to make a return. Target’s executive vice president and chief store officer says this feature will make it easier for shoppers “to process a return from the comfort of their car.” Well, it will not only be beneficial to those returning items, but other shoppers can benefit from this feature.

The Target drive-up return feature will also help clear up the line at checkout within the store. This will enable other shoppers to quickly pay for their items and give way for others to do the same. Those looking out to return items can be in their cars and still be attended to.

Target is rolling out this drive-up return feature on its official website and mobile app. So, if you want to return an item, head over to the Target website or mobile app and set up your drive-up return. On getting to the Target store to make the return, a staff will be waiting to attend to you in the comfort of your car.

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