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Starforge Systems Navigator PC will change the mid-tier standard


If you’ve never heard of Starforge Systems, it’s a company that specializes in high-quality, high-end prebuilt gaming PCs, like the company’s new Navigator line that was just announced this week. Owned by OTK Media Group, Starforge Systems is a favorite among streamers and PC gaming enthusiasts, and for good reason. The systems you get come with the most powerful PC components out there and they have unique designs and features.

Putting all of that aside, they’re just really well-made gaming PCs. That being said, some of the PC rigs that Starforge Systems offers are quite expensive. The Meowterspace PC for example is $5,699. Then again it does come with all top-of-the-line parts and it has some wild custom design work. The Navigator line is taking a slightly different approach. Starforge Systems says it wants to tackle the mid-tier PC range and “change the standard” for this type of rig. In short, it wants to change what people think about mid-tier gaming PCs. If there are any negative connotations about a mid-tier PC, Starforge hopes the Navigator PCs will get rid of them.

The Starforge Systems Navigator line is an entirely new type of mid-tier PC

What does Starforge Systems mean by this? There are a few reasons it’s calling these an entirely new type of mid-tier PC. The first component to that revolves around design. The Navigator line is part of the Enthusiasts range of PCs that Starforge offers. In fact, the Navigator line is now the only offering in the Enthusiast range. With this being the case, it’s bringing some changes to the mid-tier offerings. First is the interchangeable exterior plates. You’ve probably seen these on other PC options from Starforge if you’ve been following the company’s work.

These new plates on the Enthusiasts range are made possible by the use of the Invader X Chassis from XPG. “We’re thrilled to have XPG’s Invader X Chassis selected as the case for the Navigator line,” said Eric Hass, Director of Sales, XPG. This case is the other part of the innovation for the mid-tier offerings from Starforge. It offers up rear cable management and it was designed to improve thermal performance. So the PC stays cooler for longer. Letting you play games for longer with optimal performance. Additionally, Starforge updated the Core range of Horizon PCs with new AMD CPUs and GPUs. Leading to all-around better performance for those seeking a more affordable option.

Pricing starts at $1,899

These new Navigator PCs will start at $1,899. They won’t be as affordable as the Horizon lineup. But they will be built for better gaming performance. The Navigator, for example, is tuned for 1440p gaming with a high refresh rate. If you step up to the Navigator Pro at $2,099, you’ll get up to 4K entry-level performance. The Navigator Elite meanwhile, should set you up for 4K Ultra performance, Starforge says.

In terms of parts, the Elite model comes pretty stacked. It includes an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU and the Radeon RX 7900 XT 20GB GPU. It also features 32GB of RAM and the CPU is cooled by a custom Starforge liquid cooler. On average Starforge says you should get about 109 frames per second in Modern Warfare II with this PC if you’re playing at 4K. It should be about the same in Modern Warfare III. And the frames only go up from there if you bump your resolution down to 1440p or 1080p.

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