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Spotify to change its “heart” button to a “+” button


Spotify, like any streaming service, gives you the ability to add songs, playlists, and artists to your library for easy access. Spotify’s button is in the shape of a heart. However, the Spotify heart button will be changed to a + button, according to Engadget.

This is a minor change to the interface, but the company has high hopes that it will have a palpable effect on the user experience. If you don’t believe that this small change to the interface will make a difference, then you can just chalk it up to overzealous PR speak.

The Spotify heart button will turn into a + button

The heart button in Spotify looks like a generic “Like” button, but it’s actually an “add” button. When you tap/click on it, whatever song, podcast, album, or artist you’re on will go right into your library. You’ll see them when you go to your Library tab.

The heart button also serves another purpose. The more bits of content you add to your library, the better Spotify’s algorithm is able to finetune your recommendations.

Over the next coming weeks, Spotify is going to be changing the heart button to a + button. It will serve much the same purpose. When you press it, you’ll add that bit of content to your library. There’s one difference, however.

When you press the + button on a song, you’ll be given the ability to select which playlist you want to add it to. This gives you a faster way of doing this rather than having to use the dropdown menu. So, it will definitely make a difference if you often add songs to playlists.

Spotify is currently rolling this out, so you are likely to see it on your phone if you typically use the Spotify app. Over the coming weeks, the company is going to change the button across all platforms.

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