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Sony is currently developing a PS5 Pro, plans to launch next year


A PS5 Pro launch is now rumored to be planned for 2024, according to a new report from Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming. The PS5 Pro has been a question ever since the launch of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition back in 2020. With consumers wondering whether or not Sony would follow in the footsteps of the PS4 by launching a Pro model a few years later.

Coming up this Fall, it’ll be three years officially since the PS5 was released. But there won’t be a PS5 Pro sitting on the shelves this coming holiday season. Instead, Sony is looking to next year for the release of its Pro model PS5 console. This is stated to be a “tentative” release date though. So keep in mind that things could change. Sony could choose to push the date further out or further forward for an earlier release.

The PS5 Pro will tentatively launch in late 2024, and is currently in development

The report states that Sony is actively working on the development the PS5 Pro console, but it doesn’t mention much about specs or hardware. In addition to the tentative release date though, there may be a clue as to what Sony is planning. Sony has filed a new patent that mentions improvements to its ray tracing effects. Specifically the patent was filed by PS5 architect Mark Cerny, and refers to a “System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing.” As well as a “System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing With Asynchronous Operation And Ray Transformation.”

This suggests Sony is working on improving the ray tracing for the Pro model console. And that could lead to improved graphics. Just like with the PS4 Pro compared to the PS4.

Before Sony releases a Pro version of the PS5, it’s expected to launch a another PS5 for 2023. This would be a replacement for the standard model near the end of this year. Said to be a PS5 with a detachable disc drive to help cut down on production costs. Alleviating the need for a Disc version and a Digital version.

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