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Sony Currently Working on the PS5 Pro and Slim


There has been a lot of talks about the launch of the PS5 Pro and the PS5 Slim in recent weeks. We have had back and forth stories from different sources with some confirming while others deny.  The latest report we just received says that Sony is actually working on two new consoles.

PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim Under Development

According to Tom Henderson of Inside Gaming, Sony is preparing the PS5 with detachable disk drive (PS5 Slim) and the Pro model which is the PS5 Pro. The report say that the Tokyo based tech giant will first launch the PS5 Slim with detachable disk drive. This is supposed to be a cheaper model of the standard PS5, and Sony may launch it in late 2023.

The PS5 Pro will also come as a separate console which will launch in late 2024. For the PS6, report say that Sony does not have it in their plans now. Sony will begin work on the PS6 after 2028. Until then, the best option will be the PS5 Pro which will come with some improvements over the standard edition.

If you do remember, Sony launched the PS4 in November 2013. Exactly three years later which is November 2016, the company launched the PS4 Pro. Now, the PS5 was launched in November 2020 so, latest by the end of 2024, we should see the PS5 Pro go on sale. Reason for the delay in the launch of the PS5 Pro can be the related to massive shortage that hit the PS5.

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After shortage in supply for two years, Sony only solved the supply issue a few weeks ago. Hence, the release of any new product may be delayed. This same supply shortage will delay the launch of the PS6. Under normal circumstance, the PS6 should launch in 2027 but will come a year later.

Upgrade Details of the PS5 Pro

Since Sony has decided to keep details of the PS5 Pro away from the public eye, it is quite difficult to point out the exact details. However close sources have disclosed some obvious upgrades that could come with the console. According to Mark Cerny who works with PlayStation, the company may be looking to upgrade areas such as ray-tracing capabilities, better visuals, improved performance and speed. PS5 Pro Slim

Cerny did not reveal any more details about the upcoming console. So, we wait till next year to see what it will come with. The PS4 Pro was a worthy upgrade over the standard PS4. Hopefully, the PS5 Pro can bring the same performance upgrade. For now, all eyes on the PS5 Slim with detachable disk drive since it is tipped to launch this year.

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