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Samsung caught again – falsifies moon photography feature


It is quite common for mobile phone brands to exaggerate their features. This means that these features do not really perform as well as the company claims. Also, ads can be a bit deceptive because they often do not reveal the “terms and conditions”. A user posted on Reddit that he had proved that the Samsung Galaxy flagship model had fraudulent behaviour in taking pictures of the moon. The user reveals images of a moon image with a smaller size (170 x 170) on the display. At this time, the picture was blurred and the details on the moon could not be shown. Then the user turned off the lights in the room and took a photo with the telephoto lens of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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Samsung moon photography AI needs tuning

The result is not a blurry photo, but a calculated and fine-tuned photo of the moon that is clear. In fact, such posts have emerged endlessly. Samsung also posted that the “scene optimization” function developed since the S10 can use AI to help identify the shooting content of the screen content and help obtain the best imaging effect.

In addition, for shooting moon scenes, Samsung has added a “moon recognition engine” to its mobile phone. Once the AI ​​detects the moon with a high-magnification telephoto, the camera will dim the screen brightness and specify the best brightness. This is convenient for mobile phones to get a clear image of the moon.

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Not only that, when the user presses the shutter, the camera will automatically run several steps of calculations. It will finally provide a very bright and clear photo of the moon, which can be called computational photography. This time, netizens discovered a loophole in AI and made blurry moon pictures clearer. It cannot be said that Samsung’s moon photos are bad. It’s just the AI ​​algorithm, and the degree of acceptance varies from person to person.

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