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Samsung 4nm Third Gen Chips Coming Soon


If you follow tech a lot, you should know that Samsung is far more than just a phone maker. The company is into a wide variety of products. The South Korean giant first got into the semiconductor and mobile phone business in 1988. Since then, Samsung has grown to become the global leader of the mobile phone industry.

Samsung’s semiconductor business is also amongst the global leaders. The company produces a wide range of semiconductor products including memory chips, System-on-Chips (SoCs) and image sensors. Samsung semiconductor business is one of the company’s main sources of income and it has invested billions of dollars into research and development to get to this point.

Samsung Will Produce 4nm Chips

According to recent report, Samsung has received the green light to begin mass production of third generation 4nm chipsets. Sources say that Samsung was able to achieve a very good wafer yield of the 4nm chips. This chip is said to have a very low operation temperature. The end result of this means the chip will be very power efficient. Even more power efficient than its predecessor.

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Samsung will begin the manufacturing of this new 4nm chips by the end of H1 2023. Which means the South Korean company will begin the production process in June or July 2023. At the Hwaseong factory, yields on single wafer were very low. For this reason, companies like Qualcomm had to contract TSMC for the 4nm chips.

Samsung Had Lower 4nm Chips Wafer Yield Samsung 4nm Chips

TSMC had a wafer yield of about 70 to 80% while Samsung could not even reach 60%. Qualcomm had to shift to TSMC because in production of chips, the company pays for the whole wafers whether good or bad. In this case, it makes an economical sense to contract a company that would not waste a lot of chips in the production process.

According to data from Counterpoint, 4nm and 5nm chips are the most popular chips in mobile devices now. They amount to a total of 22% of chips in use. 6nm and 7nm also come next with 16%. Samsung and TSMC are currently building chip manufacturing factories in the United States. These factories will focus on the production of 4nm chips and should be ready to operate in 2024.

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