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Sadly, the Android Auto and Google Maps integration is still a mishmash


Over the past few weeks, Android Auto and Google Maps on vehicle infotainment systems haven’t been working together perfectly. Using both platforms while driving hasn’t been as smooth as users expect. The Google Maps integration into the Android Auto platform has been facing serious GPS issues.

These issues are a result of some upgrades to the Google Maps platform. With this upgrade, the integration between the two platforms hasn’t been working perfectly. This has led to difficulties in navigating, as the GPS location feature was directly affected by this upgrade.

Lots of users have been complaining about this issue over the past few weeks. A reliable source has provided a fix to this issue to help Android Auto users rely on their map navigations once again. Here is everything you need to know about this quick fix.

A fix to the Android Auto and Google Maps integration issue

If you use Android Auto and Google Maps on your vehicle, you might notice this navigation issue. It prompts the system to display false routes and incorrect GPS locations. This is quite misleading, especially while navigating an area which you aren’t familiar with.

An actual fix to the cause of this issue is not available at this moment. But there is now a way to work around it to avoid getting wrong directions and GPS locations while driving. The available fix involves your Android device since your car’s infotainment system relies on it to run Android Auto.

So, on your Android device, long press on the Google Maps app icon then select the app info option. This is located at the top right-hand side of the pop-up window that will appear on your screen. Pressing the app info button will redirect you to the app’s settings.

You will find a list of settings options, select the “Permission” button, which is the second on the list. This will pull up a list of permissions that you can grant the Google Maps app. Now select the first option on the list which is “Location” this will pull up another window.

In this new window are four options to select from on how you want the Maps app to access your device’s location. To fix the Android Auto and Google Maps navigation issue, you need to check the “Allow all the time” option. This will help Google Maps on the vehicle to make use of your device’s location as you drive.

According to available sources, this navigation issue is a result of Android Auto treating the Google Maps app as a background app. The fix will prevent your car’s Android Auto system from using its built-in antenna, hence making it rely on your device’s real-time location. You can also take the steps mentioned above on the Google Maps app on your car’s navigation system.

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