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Razer’s Meta Quest 2 accessories promise more comfy VR gaming


Razer today is launching two accessories for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset, promising a more comfortable experience when playing games in virtual reality. The Razer Adjustable Headstrap and Razer Facial Interface were designed in collaboration with ResMed, an expert in human factors that uses “billions of hours of data” to gain a deep understanding of materials, geometry, and skin science to help with their creation.

Razer says both accessories were designed with the intention of enhancing the VR gameplay through improved comfort. The Razer Facial Interface for example is meant to reduce facial pressure. Razer says these “float the surface of your face on a microscopic level.” While that’s a pretty interesting claim to make, the important thing is that these should distribute weight more evenly. Which should lead to more comfort during the time you’re wearing your headset.

It also features a light-blocking design with ventilation and a contoured 3D design for better support. Both accessories are available directly from Razer at $69.99 each. Or you can grab them both in a bundle for $139.98.

The Razer Adjustable Headstrap for Meta Quest 2 was designed for all head shapes

With comfort as a central point of focus for this accessory, the headstrap needs to fit. The thing is it’s not just the size of your head that can throw that off. Everyone is different is head shape can factor into whether or not something like this fits as well.

But that shouldn’t be a problem here. Razer says it was designed to fit all head shapes. To that end, Razer calculated the ideal vector and angle for each strap so that they don’t apply as much force to the parts of the head that they contact. The adjustable straps are soft and made of a breathable texture to help with comfort and the high-performance nylon that the straps are made of will help with durability. Ensuring that they last you a while.

The best part of all perhaps, is the unique cap design. It’s meant to promote a quick on/off solution that allows you to jump out and back into your VR games. Without having to mess around with strap adjustments. You simply need to set it up the first time and from then on, you can just slide the headset off if you need to take a quick break. Then right back on when you’re ready to play again.

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