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Razer made a tempered glass gaming mouse mat


Now you can feel the cold touch of every defeat against your palms and wrists, because Razer now makes a tempered glass gaming mouse mat called the Atlas. Engineered for increased accuracy and precision, the Razer Atlas is here to give your gaming mouse a super smooth surface to glide across.

You might be wondering, “why tempered glass?” Well for one, tempered glass is high in tensile strength. So right off the bat the Atlas is going to be durable so long as you aren’t banging its corners up against hard surfaces. Razer has also treated the surface of the Atlas with a unique coating that it says helps it “remain flawless even after extended periods of use.” Razer also claims your mouse will be quieter when zooming across it compared to other glass mats. And that might be important to you if you tend to flick your mouse around quickly during highly competitive fast-paced games.

Perhaps best of all, though, is the low-maintenance upkeep. A quick wipe down with a warm damp cloth can make this baby good as new again. Razer says the surface can repel dirt and dust, too, and it’s also scratch resistant. It does however cost $99. So be prepared to open that wallet a little.

The Razer Atlas gaming mouse mat comes in two colors

Razer understands the importance of having more than just black as a color for its products. While there are many of them that only come in black, there are also many of them that come in black, white, pink, and other colors. The Atlas comes in two. black and white.

In addition to making this mat in two colors, Razer micro-etched the surface with 2μm (micromole) texturing, which it says will work seamlessly with optical sensors. There’s also a fully covered anti-slip rubber base so this won’t move around while you play. If a tempered glass mouse mat strikes your fancy, you can grab the Razer Atlas for $99 in black or white from or from retailers like Amazon.

Razer Atlas Black – Amazon

Razer Atlas White – Amazon

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