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Price of PS5 Drops, Making Way for the PS5 Pro?


First of all, the PS5 did not come too cheap just like any other console. However, the scarcity of the console made things even worse as far as price was concerned. You just couldn’t find one easily and if you eventually got it, the price would just scare you off.

PS5 Price Became Normal Again

Things got better after Sony finally solved the shortage problem and finally stocked retail shops with more PS5 consoles. From all indications, things are about to get better as the prices of the PlayStation 5 are about dropping. You can now get the PS5 at a cheaper price than its market price, so if this is the opportunity you have been waiting for, it is finally here.

According to a report by Trusted Reviews, the price of the PS5 has dropped in the UK. The BT Store is currently running a limited time deal for those who wish to grab the PS5 console disk or standard edition. At the time of writing this, the PS5 console which comes bundled with God of War Ragnarök was selling for just £499.99. This deal was initially available for £539.99 which means you get to save £40.

This deal does not necessarily mean you are required to get the additional adventure game in order to qualify. It is only an addition since it happens to be one of the most popular games you find on every PS5 owner’s playlist.

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There is Even More in Addition to the Reduced PS5 Price PS5 Price

That is not all, you can also pay a bit more for an additional DualSense controller. This also comes with the PS5 bundle so you get to pay less for the controller as well. This deal comes with the Cosmic Red DualSense controller which costs £64.99. However, you will pay just £39.99 for the controller if you purchase it together with the PS5. That means you get to save extra £25 which looks like a sweet deal.

After all these drops in prices, BT will also deliver your package within 30 hours for free. In as much as this seems to be a very good deal for the once scarce PS5 console, it is beginning to attract questions. Will this reduction force other retail stores to give out similar deals? And if that happens, what follows next? Could it be that this is a way to clear the PS5 stock in order to make way for the PS5 Pro?

Well, we will keep following closely for any new developments. If this is just BT store doing their own thing or it is to prepare the way for new products, we will share all the updates as we find them.

Source / Via: Gaming Bible

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