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Post-apocalyptic adventure game ‘Highwater’ joins Netflix


Netflix has added another mobile game to its ever-growing list of available titles with Highwater bringing its post-apocalyptic adventure story to the mobile platform. Although Netflix categorizes this as an adventure game, combat is centered around tactical turn-based strategy.

Overall you’ll get a healthy mix of adventure and strategy here thanks to the exploration and narrative in addition to the turn-based strategy combat. Highwater was announced last year and is developed by Demagog Studio and published by Rogue Games Inc. It was initially revealed in 2022 at Summer Games Fest and was slated for a 2022 release. But it was hit with a delay. Now that it’s launched, it has since expanded to millions of more players thanks to its mobile release. Interestingly enough, it’s touching down on mobile first. Whereas you can still only wishlist the Steam version.

Like all other Netflix games, you do need a subscription to play this on your phone locally. Though you could always use something like Parsec to stream it to your phone over the internet once the Steam version launches.

In addition to Highwater, Netflix announces future release of Paper Trail

Highwater seems like a good game to try if you want something to play for now. But if you want something to play for later, keep your eye on Paper Trail. Today Netflix has announced that it will be adding Paper Trail to its list of games later this year.

This is another game set to release in 2023, and it’s currently available to wishlist on Steam just like Highwater. Paper Trail will also be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. In addition to these two announcements, you can check out the official trailers for both games below. Or just get straight into playing Highwater since it’s available to download to your phone right now. And if Highwater doesn’t quite catch your eye, Netflix does have plenty of other offerings in its games category.

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