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Nvidia RTX 4090 Now Comes With a New Die – Upgrade or Downgrade?


Nvidia has started using a new version of the AD102 graphics processing unit found in the GeForce RTX 4090. The new version of the GPU goes by AD102-301. And from what it seems, the new version of the die is making a minor impact on the bill of the materials cost of the graphics board. Although, the info is not official.

In addition, the Reddit post claims that the board has a new designation. It goes by 16F4. Nvidia did not put any official information about the new die on its RTX 4090 GPU. But the real question is, does the new die offer upgrade, or did it downgrade the GPU?

Nvidia RTX 4090 With AD102-301

The main reason why the Reddit user started to research the GPU they have is because of the maximum voltage limitation. According to the user, the AD102-301 of the RTX 4090 has a maximum voltage of 1.070V. In comparison, the AD102-300 had a maximum voltage support of 1.1V.

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While this voltage difference might not seem that much from a regular point of view, it can make a difference in overclocking the card. That is, the maximum voltage rating can determine how well you can overclock the Nvidia RTX 4090. Yet, the user claims to push the GPU all the way to 3 GHz with liquid cooling.

NVIDIA 4090 FE with new die

The Reddit user states, “I can get 3015mhz stable at 1.070V, but having the extra headroom is always welcome for stability.” It should also be noted that you cannot flash the GPU with the original firmware available for the RTX 4090.

That said, the difference in terms of performance is yet to be concluded. Maybe, we will get to know how the new Nvidia RTX 4090 performs when more users start to test it. But one thing is clear, a slightly lower bill of material cost can make the GPU get a lower retail price, which is always welcomed.

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