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NVIDIA new tech allows companies to build their own AI


“The Age of AI” has begun! When ChatGPT was introduced to the wide public in November of last year, it started a revolution and change the way the world works. The AI uses natural langue to deliver fast answers to most of your queries. It changed the world! If one thought that the new step for technology was to go into the metaverse, now everyone knows that AI is the next big thing. ChatGPT means a revolution for education, work, and also for digital assistants. With the rise and success of OpenAI, the giants want to grab a slice of this cake. Most of the big techs have announced efforts in the AI regard. Thus, they are run to develop and deliver AI forces. Google, for instance, unleashed its Bard solution. Now, NVIDIA wants to explore AI, but in a different way. The firm will provide tools for all companies that also want to build their own AI solutions.

NVIDIA will offer companies an opportunity to build their own AI with specific goals

Apart from giants of tech, we are also seeing AI entering other segments. In the past few days, we’ve heard about GM’s intent of introducing ChatGPT’s tech on its vehicles. Other companies like Adobe, AT&T, BMW, and BYD also want a slice of this cake. NVIDIA is ready to serve all companies interested in AI with smart solutions.

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The firm’s newer cloud services, the AI Foundations, will allow businesses lacking time and money to develop their own models from scratch to “build, refine, and operate custom large language models and generative AI models”. These models include NeMo, which stands as NVIDIA’s text-to-image generation engine, and DALL-E 2 competitor; BioNemo. It’s a drug and molecule discovery-focused fork of the NeMo model built for the medical research community. It also has Picasso, an AI capable of generating images, video, and “3D apps”.


Both flavors are still in early access and Picasso remains in private preview.  They operate under NVIDIA’s new solution and, eventually, will be accessible through an online portal. With the tech, firms will be able to build AI with their own info databases and train them specifically. NVIDIA’s solution can help others to build AI with specific features for distinct needs.

NVIDIA announced a partnership with Shutterstock. The website will use Picasso to create 3D objects from text prompts. The company also partnered with Adobe. The goal is to incorporate many of Picasso’s features into Adobe’s suite apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

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