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New Counter-Strike 2 weapons, skins and announcers found in test files


As the Counter-Strike 2 limited test goes live, and Valve shares the first trailers for its new FPS game, intrepid CSGO and CS2 players have dug up a number of files that suggest the arrival of new Counter-Strike 2 weapons, or at least weapon skins. These include new looks for the knife and some possible additions to Danger Zone as we head towards the much-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 release date.

With Counter-Strike 2 announced just yesterday, select CSGO players are already participating in shooter’s first beta test. Keen Valve-watchers have been digging through the files and found some interesting new skins and – potentially – a couple of whole-new weapons.

We know that the existing weapon models are getting a sweet, Source 2-powered visual overhaul, but we’re already getting glimpses of the new knife skins and weapons that could be making their way to CS2 in the summer.

First up, we have a new, twin-blade knife, which looks kind of similar to the iconic energy sword from Halo. This is most likely a new skin, but could be an entirely new weapon.

Located in the Counter-Strike 2 beta files by Valve content creator ‘GabeFollower,’ there is also reference to a weapon called simply ‘pipe’ (like ‘Cher’). This could be an all-new melee weapon, but the more exciting possibility is a new type of throwable explosive modelled after the pipe bomb from Valve’s own Left 4 Dead.

New Counter-Strike 2 weapons and skins found in CS2 limited test: An image of some beta files from the limited test run of Counter-Strike 2 hinting at new CS2 weapons

Given its delicate weapon economy, entirely new weapons are a rarity in Counter-Strike – veterans will remember the debacle following the introduction of the R8 Revolver in 2016, which had to be swiftly nerfed after throwing the meta into chaos. Given this, it’s possible that a pipe bomb (or even an innocuous bit of piping) would only come to Counter-Strike 2 if the shooter’s free-for-all, battle-royale mode Danger Zone – which is balanced very differently than its traditional competitive format – were to make a return.

In the main game, however, we also have an interesting new find: apparently there are two new radio announcers, one male and one female. Shared by Twitter user ‘ALE,’ you can listen to their full voice clips below.

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