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Netflix to add 40 more games in 2023 plus Monument Valley in 2024


Netflix has already added a handful of games in 2023, but the company says it plans to add about 40 more titles this year alone. For those that really enjoy playing mobile games, the Netflix offering has been a pretty good value.

There have been more than a few really good titles thrown into the mix. And they’re all included with a Netflix subscription. Even the ones that would normally cost money if you were to pick them up directly from the Play Store. At this moment there’s already a pretty decent amount of mobile games available. And with 40 more by the end of 2023, Netflix will be well on its way to a sizeable list of games.

Netflix has a lot more in the works too. In 2024, the company will be bringing Monument Valley to the service. With Monument Valley 2 planned as well. It’s not clear if both Monument Valley games will be added at the same time. But both should be landing sometime next year.

Netflix plans to add tons of games in 2023, and more are in development

When Netflix says it’s committed to expanding its gaming portfolio, it seems to be very serious about that. The company says it has 70 games that are in development with its partners. Plus 16 games that are currently in development from its own studios.

Its most recently added game was Highwater, though it’s added quite a few since the year started. With titles like Valiant Hearts: Coming Home from Ubisoft launching back on January 31. Netflix also has another title from Ubisoft coming, called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace landing on April 18.

And there will be a third Ubisoft title planned for Netflix coming sometime later. Currently Netflix offers 55 mobile games. So with 40 more it’ll be nearing a total of 100. All free with a subscription to the streaming service. And the amount of titles only goes up from there when you factor in all the titles in development.

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