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Modern Warfare II Season 02 Reloaded adds duels, raid 2 and more


Modern Warfare II is set to transition into Season 02 Reloaded soon and with it comes a ton of new content. This includes a new mode called One in the Chamber, which will allow players to essentially duel each other using pistols.

As the name implies, players will get a pistol and a single bullet in the chamber of their gun. A shot to any part of the body is a one hit kill. But scoring that kill refunds your bullet so you can take on the next opponent. Miss, and you’re more than likely dead. One in the Chamber is a free-for-all match type so you’ll be going in alone against all other opponents. The goal obviously being to come out as the last person standing.

The mode won’t be exactly like a proper duel. Since you won’t be standing in front of your opponents waiting to shoot on queue. But it’s as close as we’re probably going to get to an old Western showdown. In addition to One in the Chamber, Season 02 Reloaded for Modern Warfare II will also add the second raid episode, new maps, and new operator bundles like this one based on Shredder from TMNT.

Modern Warfare II will get its second raid with Season 02 Reloaded


The upcoming Season 02 Reloaded is going to be making some nifty changes. One of these changes is a nice quality of life improvement to the raid episodes. Starting next week Wednesday, when the second raid episode goes live, players will be able to jump right in with their squad and tackle the new challenges ahead.

With the previous raid episode, players had to first acquire a raid assignment to unlock the raid episode. These could be found by completing various challenges across Warzone 2 and multiplayer. Going forward, raid assignments will no longer be needed for either raid episode.

Outside of the new raid, players are being treated to a new 6v6 core multiplayer map called the Himmelmatt Expo. There’s also going to be two more modes added. All or Nothing which is another free-for-all match type where you have throwing knives and a pistol with no ammo. The goal being to reach 20 eliminations before the other players. The third and final new mode coming to the game is called Drop Zone. This is a team-based mode where you must guard and hold the drop zone to earn points. Every 15 seconds your team holds the drop zone, a care package will be dropped nearby.

New Path of the Ronin challenges will have you chasing special camos

Modern Warfare II Season 02 Reloaded Path of the Ronin Camos

MW II’s Path of the Ronin event is coming to a head for its first set of challenges. Which are based on the seven virtues of the Bushido code. You’ll have until March 15 at 9am PST to complete these, at which point the challenges will shift.

The Path of the Ronin event will then task players with an entirely new set of challenges to unlock specialized camos. Each challenge corresponds to one of the game’s weapon types. Complete each challenge to unlock the Winds of Ash camo for every weapon in that weapon type category. If you unlock the camo on every weapon type, then you’ll also unlock a second camo called Bowing Blossoms which can be used on every weapon in the game.

But, be prepared for a grind. As it seems like the challenges may take quite a bit of time for some players.

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