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Mobile will be “supported for the long haul”


Recently long-term support for Call of Duty: Mobile started to come into question by fans of the game, and it seems there may not be much to worry about. For the moment at least. If you missed it, last week it was revealed in a legal filing to the UK’s Competition Market Authority that Activision had plans to “phase out” Call of Duty: Mobile following the release of Warzone Mobile. Which is supposed to release later this year and unify content with Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0.

This was all the information that was given about the publisher’s potential plans for its insanely popular mobile adaption of its most popular franchise. A rather vague statement about the future of the game. Today though, the official Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter account is shedding a little bit more light onto the subject.

Call of Duty: Mobile support will be there “for the long haul”

No one wants to see a live-service game they enjoy playing shut down. So it may provide some relief then that Call of Duty: Mobile may still have a long life ahead of it. Addressing players, Activision says that support for the game is here for the long haul.

It doesn’t directly address specific timelines though. What it does say is that the teams are committed to the game. Calling it “an important part of the entire Call of Duty franchise and our overall mobile strategy.” The publisher further notes that it intends to continue supporting the game, and says that there is a robust roadmap ahead. Players can look forward to fresh new content, activities, and updates for the long haul.

The official statement gives no further information about what the new content is. Or how long the “long haul” actually is. But players can at least look forward to continued support for the rest of the year. And according to Activision, well beyond that.

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