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Microsoft’s latest Call of Duty deal is with Taiwan-based Ubitus


Microsoft is signing Call of Duty deals left and right, and its latest 10-year deal is with Taiwan-based Ubitus, a cloud gaming company. This is Microsoft’s fourth contract in an attempt to convince regulators to approve its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Earlier this year the company signed a deal with Nintendo to bring Xbox games and Activision games (including and most notably, Call of Duty) to the Nintendo Switch. It’s also signed a similar deal with NVIDIA. Promising to reinstate games from the Activision catalog on the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service.

Then earlier this week, Microsoft signed its third deal with Boosteroid. Another cloud gaming service based in Ukraine. This latest deal and others that Microsoft has previously made are the company’s efforts to bring Call of Duty to as many screens as possible. Whether that’s on your Nintendo Switch, or a phone using a cloud gaming service like GeForce NOW, Ubitus, or Boosteroid.

Microsoft has also made attempts to re-sign a new contract with Sony to offer the PlayStation owner better terms. But to no avail. Sony has been very outspokenly against the Activision Blizzard acquisition from the start. Noting concerns that Microsoft may pull the game from PlayStation consoles, or hinder the game’s performance on PlayStation. Causing its players to switch to Xbox.

The Call of Duty deal with Ubitus makes sense

Microsoft is on a mission to push this deal through. And although it reached an agreement with Activision Blizzard some time ago, it still needs to be approved. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick and Xbox CEO Phil Spencer both feel confident that will happen by sometime this Summer. Though that remains to be seen.

Bringing Call of Duty to other platforms also hinges on whether or not the acquisition gets approved. This includes Ubitus. Which means subscribers won’t be seeing Call of Duty available for a while. If the acquisition is approved in the first place. All of that aside, the deal makes sense. Microsoft has already made similar promises to NVIDIA and Boosteroid. Both cloud gaming services. So it’s not unreasonable to think that it would want to expand on that and offer the same deal to other cloud gaming services.

Ubitus is also a big player in that space. It’s already been responsible for making games like Control and other AAA titles available on the Nintendo Switch in Taiwan. And the deals won’t stop here either. The Verge reports that Microsoft has confirmed more deals are on the way.

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