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Microsoft Edge Drop Makes File Sharing Easier


These days, every manufacturer is trying to protect its own brand and users from other brands. They are all trying to keep everything within the circles of their brands. For these reasons it becomes quite difficult to share files between platforms. For example, sharing a file from a Windows computer to Apple computer or an iPhone is not that simple. You need to fidget a bit in order to perform this task which is supposed to be a very easy one.

Every platform has its own way of sharing files these days. Apple has Airdrop, Samsung has QuickShare, and the list goes on. All of these file sharing methods work with their own brands. Apple’s Airdrop for example works with only Apple devices with Samsung’s works with only Samsung devices. Microsoft have finally come up with a solution to this limitation. Microsoft has introduced the Edge Drop feature to help share files between cross platforms.

After testing this feature for months, Microsoft has finally released the stable version to all users of the Edge Browser. Below, we will explain further what Microsoft Edge Drop is and how it works.

What is Microsoft Edge Drop?

Microsoft Edge drop is a file sharing feature that is integrated into the Edge Browser. This feature allows all users of the Edge Browser to share files, documents, multimedia contents and many more between different devices. Even more, users can as well share screenshots and notes across devices.

What makes Edge Drop different from other file sharing apps is that you can easily share files to any device. It does not matter the platform you are sharing with. Whether Android devices, iPad, iPhone etc. This feature can share all types of files easily to these platforms.

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How Does Microsoft Edge Drop Work? Microsoft Edge Drop

The way Edge drop works is quite simple, it does not share via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. If a user shares a file with Edge Drop, the file is stored in the OneDrive Cloud. This allows users to access the files from the cloud with any other device.

Microsoft created this application to help you share important files, large files and private files between your own devices. For this reason, any other file that can access the file must be logged in to that same Microsoft Account that shared the file. The user will also need the Edge Browser in order to have access to the files.

How to Use Microsoft Edge Drop

The Edge Drop Feature is part of the Edge Browser Sidebar which also houses other apps like WhatsApp, YouTube etc. The feature is available on the latest Edge Browser 110 update. So, you may have to check and update your Edge Browser before you can use it.

When your browser is updated, just click on the triple dots at the top right corner of your Edge Browser, click on Settings, then Sidebar. Just toggle-on the Show Sidebar button to show the sidebar. From the Sidebar, click on Drop and follow the simple steps to start sharing files between your devices. Microsoft Edge Drop

You can easily drag and drop files for sharing. After sharing, you should receive a notification on all signed-in devices. The notification usually looks similar to the image above.

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