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Microsoft Edge Browser is About to Crush Chrome


For some years now, Microsoft has provided a browser that has only served as a gateway for users to access and download other browsers. Microsoft is definitely tired of this, and the Windows OS maker is now determined to make its own browser the number 1 option for all users. After revamping the Internet Explorer browser and changing the name to Edge Browser, hard work seems to be paying off. Microsoft Edge is getting more users each day. And the company is bent on keeping these users using the browser, as it fights to bring more users on board.

Microsoft announced this new feature at the CES 2023, and the company is now ready to fully roll it out. According to report by Neowin, the new feature is called VSR which stands for Video Super Resolution. This is an AI tool that automatically enhances video quality within the Edge Browser. As it stands now, about 50% of Canary users (early tester) have the opportunity to test the VSR feature in the Edge Browser.

This feature improves the quality of videos by getting rid of blocky-looking areas, allowing the video to stream at a higher resolution on different platforms. This feature is not just going to be a game-changer, it will also set the Edge Browser apart from other browsers. Microsoft has revealed that one out of every three videos in Edge plays at lower resolutions. Most videos play at 480p or below and the new VSR will change this forever.

The good thing about VSR is that it upscales the video quality even if you have a lower network bandwidth or less videos quality. What this means is that it will not put extra pressure of your network connection. Everything is handled by Artificial Intelligence.

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Requirements of VSR in Edge Browser

As a video enhancement feature, it will definitely require some specs from your system as long as graphics is concerned. VSR will require a distinct graphics card from either Nvidia or AMD. Your system should either have a minimum of RTX-20xx series (Nvidia) or RX-5700 upwards (AMD). Microsoft also promises to drop an update that will allow it to automatically switch to iGPU (Integrated GPU) or dGPU (Discrete GPU) in the near future. Also, if the video is DRM-Protected or your system is unplugged, the feature will not work.

Microsoft Edge Browser is Leading the Future of Video Upscaling Edge Browser

This new feature will definitely change the way browsers handle videos for good. Nvidia also has a feature called RTX Video Super Resolution. This feature works similarly to what Microsoft has introduced in the Edge Browser. If a user has a system with RTX-3000 series or 4000 series GPU, they can still enjoy video upscaling even with a Chrome browser.

The difference is that Nvidia made this to work for only Edge Browser and Chrome browser. But requires a higher graphic requirement than Microsoft’s AI. With Microsoft VSR, you can enjoy video upscaling even if you have RTX-20xx series GPU. This is not just going to attract new users to the Edge Browser. It will also set a wake-up call for other browsers such as Safari, Firefox etc. Until then, Microsoft Edge Browser takes the lead for now.

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