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Laya’s Horizon is a new Netflix game from Alto’s Odyssey devs


Netflix has been steadily growing its list of available mobile games and another that will be added to the list in the future is Laya’s Horizon, an upcoming title from Snowman, the developers behind Alto’s Odyssey. And most recently, Lucky Luna. Another Netflix title.

If you’ve not played Alto’s Odyssey before, it’s worth a look. It’s a super chill mobile game that has you snowboarding down a mountain from a side-scrolling 2D perspective. You get vibrant, picturesque backdrops for the landscapes, and some pretty atmospheric music to tie it all together.

The goal is to see how far you can snowboard down the mountain. The further you go, the more your score increases. You can also rack up in-game currency to spend on upgrades and boosts that can help you get further than your previous runs. There’s also character unlocks. Overall, it’s a pretty good example of a free-to-play game that’s done right. And Laya’s Horizon looks to provide much of that same energy. But with quite a few advancements like improved graphics and full 3D levels.

Laya’s Horizon will be a free-to-play game for Netflix

Right now there’s next to nothing that’s known about this upcoming game from Snowman. But the studio has shared a teaser trailer to announce the game. It’s brief, but it gives you some sense of what Laya’s Horizon will be like.

As mentioned above the levels look to be 3D this time as opposed to 2D side scrolling. And judging by the way the camera pans up and out to show you the level’s landscape, it appears the gameplay will have players perhaps running some sort of obstacle course? It’s not clear and Snowman has said it’s not ready to share details about the game yet.

However, the trailer does end just as the main character comes into frame. You see her standing on a mountain peak just as she raises her arms for her cape to make what is likely supposed to be a glider, and then the trailer ends as she’s about to jump off. So it seems likely that you’ll play as Laya as she glides through the levels of the game. And that, sounds like a whole lot of fun.

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