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Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky is Here, Twitter is in Danger


Why keep it when you can cash-in on it and build another one? That is Jack Dorsey’s new philosophy, I guess. The sale of Twitter to Elon Musk brought about a lot of controversies amongst users and brands. There were a couple of users who did not seem to have much trust in Musk. For this reason, most users started creating backup accounts on other platforms such as Mastodon and Discord and shared their links on Twitter.

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought Twitter, there were speculations that the free speech platform was never going to be the same. It was claimed that Musk had plans of changing a lot of things. Changes that could end up favoring him rather than the users of the platform. Well, it is said that “New King, New Law” and we are already seeing some of the changes.

Musk announced himself by going on a firing spree in the company. A lot of employees at Twitter lost their jobs including the CEO at that time Parag Agrawal. It now looks like these people may get the opportunity to go back to their jobs but not at Twitter. They may work on a similar project to Twitter, from the creator / co-founder himself, Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky is Launched on Android

According to a new report from The Verge, Jack Dorsey has launched his new Twitter-like social media platform called BlueSky. After launching on the Apple App Store in February, it is now available on the Android platform. However, not all users can have the opportunity to experience it at the moment. For now, it is available by invitation only.

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As expected, the app comes with a lot of features that are similar to that of Twitter. For example, you can search for new users, follow other users, create posts with photos and many more. For now, it is only in beta and can accommodate only 25,000 users. It also lacks features like ‘Direct Message” (At least, for now).

In actual fact, BlueSky came into existence in 2019 as a backup alternate to Twitter, However, it broke away from Twitter in 2021, joining the likes of Mastodon as direct competitors to Twitter.

CEO of Jack Dorsey’s BlueSky Speaks Jack Dorsey's BlueSky

Last Month, the CEO of BlueSky, Jay Graber wrote: “The app is designed to let users decide how they want to see and consume social media. For developers, an open marketplace of algorithms will provide the freedom to experiment with and publish algorithms that anyone can use.” For users, the ability to customize their feed will give them back control of their most valuable resource: their attention,” he added.

Graber also said in t a blog post that “moderation is one of the last pieces of puzzles to solve before opening the app for the public”.  Because we wanted to prioritize user safety from the start, he wrote. He said that the app will use two different moderations. It will use system-level moderation which will be controlled by admins. It will also make use of automated filtering to ensure safety of the end user. “We will let users subscribe to additional sets of moderation labels. These labels can filter out more content or accounts,” he added.

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